– Thursday 18th December 2014

The latest on the widow’s pension/ meltdown at El Pocito.

Even if you don’t feel able to spare a five euro note to help save the work at El Pocito, there is still something really positive you can do (like right now, before you forget) that costs absolutely nothing. And that’s to send a quick email to the Shadow Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, and Labour MP for LEEDS WEST, Rachel Reeves. In support of launching an appeal against the Department’s illegal ruling to deny me Maureen’s 26 years of hard-earned pension contributions.

Her email address is:


I won’t suggest what you should say, but I think the subject/ title line should be the same from everyone, ie as follows:

PHILLIP KEITH ROOKSBY/ YY154707B/ 08.03.1956

Meanwhile as this is really urgent, please feel free to get in touch (monkeyandsofia@yahoo.co.uk – takes a couple of days to reach me – or SMS/ text 00 34 633 731 906) with any other ideas how I can highlight this issue. Phil.

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