– Thursday 9th October 2014

phil rooksby el pocito 121

One of the many legacies Maureen left behind when she died, was an unpublished book. She had been working on it for about seven years, under the guidance and encouragement of her good friend and mentor Tim Manderson (editor at Random House and Faber & Faber), honing the masses of stories she had written about the nine years of our travels, into a finished book, ready for publishing (including illustrations for the chapter headings and cover). Sadly Tim died too, just before Maureen, so neither got to see it in print.

If you have read her blogs you will know Maureen had a rare talent. She was a natural born writer (never worked a piece, it just came out fully-formed), and this book is particularly stunning. It would be a crime if others were not able to enjoy it.

Therefore I need to get an agent, to represent the book to the publishing industry. Is there someone out there who could lead me to the right person?

(please don’t send information about self-publishing or e-books)

Look forward to hearing from you. Phil.

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