– Cancer charities, do they do any good?

How can I say such a thing, who hasn’t given money to one because we know this is the only way there will be a cure.  Well, sadly we have all be grossly misled.  The grim truth about giving money to any of them is they are doing no more than playing to one of our greatest fears.  While what actually happens to all that goodwill is it goes to profit the medical profession and their partners in crime, the pharmaceutical industry.  This has always been the case, they have never wanted to find a cure or make people to get better, in truth they’d prefer it if even more of us died to make them even richer.  And to make sure of that they will stop at nothing to destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way.  The idea of public health-care in less than a century of its existence has turned from a benign and good idea, creating a public service to help people learn how to stay healthy, into a very nasty multi-trillion dollar global business.  Just like the military.  Neither of which we have any control over, but each day makes our lives more miserable.

How do I know all this?  Because there has been a much cheaper, safer (totally non-toxic, as opposed to conventional pharmaceuticals which EVERY SINGLE ONE has a side-effect), and professionally recognised cure for cancer available for the last 200 years.  Yet conventional medicine has stubbornly refused to allow patients access or knowledge of it.  Instead they have consigned millions of innocent people to die needlessly, and caused unnecessary suffering not only for them but their families and loved-ones.  While cancer rates continue to increase and survival gets less.

Homeopathy offers that cure.  Or did.  The vast power the medical lobby now has, thanks to its profitability, has been used to pressurise governments around the world to outlaw the treatment and put anyone who offers it or the products out of business.  Denying the individual their right to a freedom of choice and life.  This has just happened here in Spain.  Last week government inspectors descended on all the laboratories that produce homeopathic remedies and pronounced which ones were no longer safe for medical use, based on no charge whatsoever.  The feeling since then is the homeopathic community will be unable to afford to fight this legally and so homeopathy as an alternative medicine in Spain will soon cease to exist.  Meanwhile cigarettes continue to be sold, foodstuffs with lethal ingredients, and an ever increasing range of conventional medical products which are freely allowed despite their lethal side-effects.  I also contacted all the UK homeopathic bodies recently to see what the situation was there.  Not one responded.

I suggest the next time you feel the need to give to a charity, you refrain.  Instead use your vote more wisely.  Put the governments who are forcing this awful poisoned regime upon us out of business.  Demand to be governed by representatives that put the welfare of its people first and last, have nothing to do with business.  If not it could be you that needs that proscribed treatment next.

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  1. MikeH said:

    Homeopathy offers that cure.

    And that would be???? Not trying to be difficult but am interested in looking at alternatives that don’t involve an increasing concentrated and negative profit motive.

    Thanks & regards,

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