– Transition town movement (2)

Further to my previous blog about this cult, I have just received two replies from the offices of the great Rob Hopkins himself.

These TTM people are even more scary than I first imagined.  Not only because predictably they totally ignored all my questions (from the earlier blog), like how will people have enough food/ water/ and heat when and if the oil runs out.  But they really do believe there’s a god-given right to procreate (Rob has 4 children!), despite global overpopulation precipitating an ecological meltdown.  Wake up, look at the facts and do the math!  Amazingly he is not alone in this delusion, there are 1126 (registered) Transition towns (initiatives), in over 43 countries.  How many people does that make, who buy into this madness too and are convinced RH (no pun intended, but who knows what his real plans are) knows best, that spending and earning money, as much of it as we want, is the real answer to all the grave problems now facing us.  Are they really that ignorant/ stupid?

The pages here, on the el pocito site, provide plenty of (real-life) examples why this is not the way to go, especially for anyone who claims to be concerned about the future and is keen not just on a new hobby (which is what TTM really is, nothing more).  Who wants to do something/ anything to make a difference.  Or, before making RH any more richer than he already is (by buying his next sermon-on-the-mount The Power of Just Doing Stuff), why not get hold of a copy of A SCIENTIFIC ROMANCE by Ronald Wright (ISBN 1-86230-011-9).  This man really does know his stuff.  Internationally recognised scholar on the subject, and the government of Canada were so impressed they not only had the good sense to offer him citizenship, but have funded him ever since, including getting him to present the annual CBC MASSEY LECTURE in 2004 (subsequently published in book form as A SHORT HISTORY OF PROGRESS ISBN 0-88784-706-4).  It’s a gripping read, and tells you absolutely everything you need to know about what is really going to happen next.

Postscript.  Just in case the gravity of all this, not the sanitised Sunday supplement/ tv version the Transition town movement is keen for you to believe, has passed you by, here is an example to put things into perspective.  If the oil did stop flowing, let’s say today, even if only temporarily (say for a strike), by Christmas 61 million of the current 63 million population of the UK could be dead.  And that’s an optimistic forecast, it is more likely there will be as few as 180,000 survivors.  This is because there are absolutely no contingency plans.  People will therefore starve/ become fatally dehydrated/ freeze/ get murdered / or simply die from lack of the most basic medical facilities.  And I’ve not included in that the fallout from all the nuclear installations which will be left unattended.  97% of the population, all gone in five months.  That’s also the good news.  The bad is that from now on the global overpopulation is still going to increase, and at a faster rate than ever before.  That, plus all the money everyone thoughtlessly continues to earn and spend, is what is going to destroy the little which remains of our precious ecology, the only thing that allows us to breathe fresh air/ drink clean water/ eat fresh food/ and keep warm.  Now can you see why our future cannot be something we leave in the hands of others, or what we do to make a difference is simply tacked onto the everyday?  Think for yourself for a change, use GOOGLE, then decide whether you really want to survive, or be a follower and therefore part of the problem.

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