– Transition town movement

A couple of questions for anyone who is currently involved in this scam:

1)      why do you consider it okay to give Rob Hopkins (or anyone else) payment for information that is already available on the internet/ in books for free?

2)      if and when the world oil supply does run out or become too expensive (and no other source of power has been discovered), how exactly do you expect to be able to feed yourselves?

3)      and provide water?

Why do I ask these things?

Because (1) anyone with a sliver of moral fibre should know it is wrong to sell knowledge, especially when it is necessary for life/ survival.  Anyone who doesn’t get this fundamental tenet is no better than a firster (one who believes that the world was created solely for the human race) and should identify themselves as such, along with all those other shysters who peddle stuff like permaculture.

(2) It takes an awful lot of land to feed and provide for (fuel/ building materials/ medicine/ etc) even a single person, on an everyday basis, at least 2.5 hectares per person.  Where is all this going to come from in a town or city?  Or for that matter, the 60 million inhabitants of say the UK, when in total the landmass (including buildings/ roads/ mountains/ lakes) is only 24 million hectares and most of that is owned by handful of families who even if there was a national emergency aren’t going to allow a single soul to cross into it, even if they have to hire a private army.

(3) At the very least, a person can manage on 50 litres a day of water, to drink and wash with (the residue can be used for irrigating crops).  Without pumps though the mains system will not function, and other means will have to be found to harvest and store rainwater.  Allowing for the vagaries of the weather this could mean each person will need to be able to have in store as much as 1050 litres.  Multiply that up by the number of people living under the same roof, and only those with sufficient space (a garden) could have this.  It will also lack any working pressure, so conventional plumbing will become redundant, it will all have to be carried by hand (one litre weighs one kilogram).  Or wells could be drilled beforehand and water pumped up manually (like here in Spain and other Third World countries).  However this can only serve a few people per well, and each well has to be at least 250 metres apart.

I have no idea what will happen when oil becomes unavailable, but the very last place I would like to be living then is near a large group of hungry and thirsty fellow survivors.

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