– is industry wasting precious and finite raw materials on this planet, unnecessarily?

I came across the word succussion yesterday (it means shaking, probably with some force as it mentioned earthquakes) and got me thinking.  Among other things, about the work of Victor Schauberger, Rudolf Steiner, and Jesus (the bit about changing water into wine).  For some time I have known you can dramatically extend products that are water-based, without losing any of their efficacy, simply by dilution and shaking (or stirring).  So why has nobody else applied it to anything?  Especially as this is exactly how homeopathy works, and on an infinitesimally more diluted scale to what I have in mind.

An example.  If you dilute washing-up liquid with tap water, it will not only give the same result, but a one litre bottle can last up to 18 months.  Admittedly involving slightly more work, though no hardship.  Just pour about a centimetre’s worth into a similar size but empty bottle, add water (to just under halfway), then shake every time before use until the contents turn to foam.

The article this appeared in was about the LM potencies used in homeopathy, and talked of using only distilled water.  Maybe this is key.  But what if it was possible to take any water-based product and extend it merely by a process of shaking and dilution?  Perhaps then even drinks and flavourings could be treated this way.  Has anyone out there tried?  I would love to experiment more but we don’t use anything here that is applicable.  Think of the potential.  Not only saving precious raw materials, but costs.

Look forward to hearing from you and will post the results.

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