– The movement for campassionate living

Just got a copy of this magazine, and it’s really wonderful.  Not just for all the contacts, especially with other forest gardeners and frugalists, but because this is how all voluntary organisations should run.  On the bare minimum of costs, and with no conflict of interest from advertisers/ sponsors.

Got me thinking too.  About the whole being vegetarian/ vegan thing.  Why people do it for.  I know it’s about respect for animals, or being healthier.  But if they really believe that then they have a rather nasty wake-up call coming.  It doesn’t actually do anything.  Neither save animals from a pointless suffering / death, or make you any healthier.  In fact someone who eats a conventional diet can be a lot more compassionate, as well as live just as long.  This is because the way we think about these fundamental issues has been polarised, sidetracked from the main issue.  Money.  Regardless of how zealous or pure your intentions might be, when it comes to saving other life forms, the planet, sustainability, or being healthy, it’s all dependent on what each of us chooses to earn and spend that makes all the difference.  Just that, nothing else.  Sounds crazy but someone living frugally, on a low income, is always going to be doing a lot more for the ecology, and be healthier, than anyone wealthier with all the right-on credentials/ best intentions.  Money destroys life, in a zillion ways.  Through the pollution it creates, the habitat it destroys, the poisons that enter the food system.  The only sure way to achieve true compassion for the world is for us each to work towards living self-sufficiently, on as little dependency for cash as possible.

* NEW LEAVES magazine. £5 for a year’s subscription.  http://mclveganway.org.uk

* frugalism – being economical in the use of means, thrifty.

The other epiphany I had was about what we take for granted.  Science, history, faith, morality, the work ethic, patriotism, family, language, the arts, everything we draw upon and use to shape our daily lives and path.  How it is also a carefully crafted con.  Created to keep us in our place.

I realised this after thinking about how long our species has been around on this planet.  I drew a line on a piece of paper, representing the eight million years reckoned to be the approximate length of time, then marked on that the point when our global numbers first began to rise.  Which roughly corresponds to when we first lived in permanent dwellings, had the idea of the family, developed language as a primary tool for communication, created religions, and all the other life forms on the planet started to decline.  And where on this line was that?  Right at the very end.  Yes, for almost eight million years we managed to exist here without any of what we now take for granted, while our population held steady at a minute fraction of what it is today, and everything on the planet was in perfect balance.  It’s time to learn that lesson and get back to that.

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