– Summer just around the corner

News today:

  1. I have finished the MARK I prototype of a solar water heater (photo on the how our house works page).  It is based on a 2 metre x 1 metre sheet of galvanised steel sheet.  A pallet was used to make the base, with a castor mechanism from an office chair for the swivel mechanism.  At the moment we are just heating water for washing, in a 5 litre saucepan covered with a piece of glass.  Though I would like to try heating water in a kettle (for drinks) as well, once I ‘ve got some glass cut.  Also investigate the possibility of slow cooking with it, perhaps using cast iron cookware.  MARK II will be finding a way to focus the light more effectively, and take into account the vertical arc of the sun (some kind of hinge with a locking mechanism – any ideas?).
  2. right now we have a serious problem with the wild boar, who are digging up our paths, knocking drystone walls down, uprooting plants, and dangerously close to the fenced off area, which no longer feels like a deterrent.  Any ideas how we can send them packing (it is not hunting season again until October)?  I’ve tried hanging bells (no effect), and yesterday a couple of cds.  If you have any of the latter I could do with those (up to 100).
  3. also wondered if anyone out there had an unused beekeeping suit (with hat & gloves, for a tall person).  It looks like we are stuck with our killer brood (no offers to take the hive), so I’d like to have a go at taking some honey off.  Will refund postage.

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