– Pergola

first, here’s the promised photo of our newly installed pergola.  Under which are now the trays of hardy seeds sown in October which are showing through, and about 300 trees/shrubs in pots from the previous year, waiting for planting in October if we can find the cash to fence in another acre of the garden against the dreaded wild boar and deer.  If not they will be potted on into bigger containers.  Trained up wires are three table grape vines, a passion fruit, and five kiwi plants, which together we hope will eventually replace the shading material.

We are so pleased with the idea it has got us thinking about using the design to build another shaded area, on the upper level next to it, what was levelled to be our camping site for visitors.  There’s room here for about three of the 4m x 3m modules (joined together), and with what is left of the annual compost this could become an ideal annual veg growing area, until we get our permanent planting cropping.

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