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The quintessential selection of sustainable tools for

transition to a greener way of life.

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(*ie, available within walking distance/ local shops)

Guaranteed to be:

eco friendly/ bio/ natural/ earth care/ animal friendly/ reusable/ zero footprint/ low impact/ vegan/ carbon zero/ vegetarian/ regenerative/ renewable/ bushcraft/ handcrafted/ wild crafted/ foraged/ cruelty free/ organic/ allergy free/ recycled/ upcycled/ sustainable/ biodegradable/ energy efficient/ environmental friendly/ emissions free/ compassionate/ fair traded/ ecological/ green/ biodynamic/ hub friendly/ biodiverse/ rainwater harvested/ food forested/ forest gardened/ climate friendly/ community friendly/ no dig/ aquaculture/ raw/ frutarian/ off-grid/ homestead friendly/ smallholder friendly/ coppiced/ self-sufficient/ alternative/ composted/ biomassed/